Ten Tips for Reducing Concert Ticket Prices

Do you have a soft spot for popular concerts, but hate feeling like you can’t afford to go? Here are ten tips for reducing concert ticket prices without compromising your enjoyment!

Know the Ticket Price Range

Concerts can be expensive, and it is important to know the price range for the event you are interested in. Not all concerts have the same price range, and it is important to find out what kind of concert you are interested in before looking for tickets.

2. It is also important to compare ticket prices before buying. Ticket prices can vary widely based on the date, time, and location of the concert. Comparing prices before buying will help you save money.

3. Get Discounts on Group Tickets

Group tickets often offer discounts to customers who purchase them in bulk. There are also group ticketing services that allow you to buy tickets directly from the artist or organization.

4. Register for Concert Alerts

Many artists offer email or text alerts about upcoming concerts. By signing up for these alerts, you can be notified about new concerts as soon as they are announced.

5. Check for Sale Tickets

Many concerts go on sale a few weeks before the event date. Checking for sale tickets can help you save money on tickets that are likely to be more expensive later on.

6. Compare Online Ticketing Sites

Online ticketing sites are a great way to buy tickets without having to visit a physical venue. These sites allow you to browse through a variety of concert options, and usually have lower ticket prices than traditional ticket seller.

7. Try a Ticket Broker

A ticket broker is a third party who specializes in selling tickets at higher prices than the average ticket seller. Ticket brokers have access to a wide variety of inventory, and often have special deals available that are not available to the general public.

8. Check the seating map

The seating map is an important tool when purchasing concert tickets. Knowing where your seat will be can save you money on prices and ensure that you get a good view of the performance.

9. Check Seat Availability

Often, seats become unavailable close to the date of the concert. Checking seat availability early can help you secure a good seat at a Reduced Price Event or Specialty Showcase Performance.

10. Research Local Venues

Local venues often offer better rates on tickets than larger venues in the area. Checking online listings or contacting the venue directly can help you find the best deal on concert tickets.

Compare Ticket Prices Before Buying

When looking to buy concert tickets, it is important to compare prices before making a purchase. Doing so can save you a lot of money. Here are five tips for comparing prices:

1. Know the Ticket Price Range

Before starting your search, know the price range you are interested in. This will help narrow down your options. If you are looking for tickets within a specific price range, use the filters on the Ticketmaster website to make your search more specific.

2. Compare Prices Before Buying

Don’t be afraid to compare prices before you buy. At Ticketmaster, we offer a variety of ways to compare prices, including our Price Match Guarantee. If the price of the ticket you are purchasing is within a certain range, we will either match that price or give you a 10% discount on the ticket.

Get Discounts on Group Tickets

Group tickets make great gifts – take advantage of group sales and discounts to save even more on your tickets. Sometimes, just buying the tickets in bulk can offer big savings.

There are a few different ways to find group tickets. The easiest way is to look online. You can find group tickets ranging from concerts by your favorite artist to music festivals.

If you’re looking to give a gift, consider concert season vouchers or concert gift certificates. You can also find group tickets at venues themselves, or through various newspaper and online sources.

Make sure that the person you’re buying the tickets for is registered forconcert alerts. This will let you know about group sales and discounts as soon as they happen.

Register for Concert Alerts

If you want to save money on concert tickets, registering for Concert Alerts is a great way to do so. Concert Alerts notify users about tickets that become available, and often offer discounts and special offers. By registering for Concert Alerts, you will be in the know about the latest ticket information and be able to purchase tickets ahead of time if you want. Concert Alerts are free to sign up for, and most venues send out updates several times a day.

Check for Sale Tickets

Checking for sale tickets before buying can help save you a lot of money. Here are a few tips:

-Be sure to keep an eye on the secondary market.

-If the show is sell-out, you may have to wait until a later date to get tickets.

-Keep in mind that concerts always tend to sell out, so it’s best to plan ahead and be proactive about your search.

-Concerts are often held at smaller venues, so make sure to check the seating map before buying tickets.

Compare Online Ticketing Sites

When looking for concert tickets, it is important to compare prices and availability of different ticketing sites. There are a number of different online ticketing sites available, and each offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main advantages of online ticketing is that it allows you to buy tickets in advance. This can be a great way to avoid long lines at the venue, as well as save on the overall cost of tickets.

Another advantage of online ticketing is that it allows you to purchase tickets from anywhere in the world. This can be especially helpful if you don’t live near a concert venue.

One disadvantage of online ticketing is that it can be difficult to find tickets when they become available. This can be especially true during popular concert seasons, when many tickets are sold out early in the sale process.

It is also important to compare the price of different tickets. While some concerts may have higher ticket prices than others, there are often ways to save on ticket prices by using discount codes or by purchasing tickets in bulk.

Try a Ticket Broker

If you are looking to buy tickets to a concert, but find that the prices are too high, it may be worth considering using a ticket broker. Ticket brokers offer a more streamlined and organized way to purchase tickets, and often charge a fee for their services. However, if you are able to find good deals on tickets through a broker, it can be worth it.

A lot of ticket brokers offer a variety of services, including finding last-minute tickets, comparing prices, and providing information about the artist or venue. It is important to do your research before choosing one, as there are many options available. When looking for a broker, be sure to compare prices, check customer reviews, and look for a broker that offers a specific service that you are interested in.

If you are unable to find tickets through traditional means, using a broker may be your best bet. Many brokers offer a wide range of options, so you should be able to find what you are looking for. Just be sure to do your research first, and ask around for recommendations.

Check the seating map

When planning a concert, be sure to check the seating map to see if any seats are available that are closer to the stage than the ones you have selected. Checking the seating map can save you time and money. For example, if you have selected seats in the lower section of the venue but there are seats in the upper section available, you can easily move up to those seats without having to purchase additional tickets. Additionally, checking the seating map often yields seats in the emergency exit or disabled accessible section of the venue. Knowing this information can maximize your concert experience.

Check Seat Availability

When tickets go on sale, make sure to check the seat availability chart so you don’t miss out. Concert venues often release extra tickets for sale a few days before the show in order to meet demand.

Concerts can be a fun and memorable experience, but if you don’t plan ahead, it can be difficult to get tickets. Many people miss out on great concerts because they don’t check the seat availability chart. The chart lists the number of seats available for each concert and the dates that they are available.

The chart is updated daily, so it’s important to check it as soon as tickets go on sale. If you see a concert that you’re interested in, be sure to buy ticket

Research Local Venues

If you’re looking for a concert, it’s important to research the location before purchasing tickets. There are many different venues in your area, so be sure to explore all of them. Some places to look include local music papers and websites, as well as online resources like RateMD and Concertlist. If you’re looking for a specific artist or band, don’t forget to check out their website and social media for information on upcoming concerts.

If you can’t find any affordable concerts near you, consider traveling to see your favorite artist live. However, make sure to research the location beforehand and plan your trip accordingly. There are often restrictions on where concerts can be held, so it’s important to know ahead of time.

Taking these ten tips into account can help you save big on concert tickets. By knowing the different options and strategies for finding cheap tickets, you can have a much easier time enjoying a concert without worrying about money.

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